Best Tips to Make a Perfect Profile and Bid

Make a perfect Profile

You can’t succeed on any freelancing platform without having a perfect profile. This is one of the initial requirements to be completed on any freelancing website or platform. It not only shows your personality, portfolio, skills, and resumes together. Some clients make decisions only by looking at your profile. They like to hire people who have strong profiles, showing commitment and determination to work hard and smart.

Best Tips to Make a Perfect Profile

The following tips will make it easier for you to create a perfect profile. A well-built profile will not only attract buyers but help you earn a handsome amount of money:

  1. Upload A Professional Picture

This is something your clients see first. No need to look too serious. A little bit of a smile will do the job perfectly. Picture size also matters a lot. I recommend you to use a profile picture of size 284×284 pixels.

  1. Use Trusted Name

The name is your identification and there is a need to focus on it. You can use your full name but I recommend using a name that readily shows your services. It will not only make a good impression on the clients, but they would also easily come to know who you are. This will also affect your presence in the search results for that specific category. It will also increase trust.

For example, you are an Article writer. You can use names like “ProfessionalWriter”, “CreativeWriter”, “ArticleWriter”, “AwesomeWriter”, “ResearchWriting” etc. I hope you have got an idea of this point now.

  1. Keep Your Summary Error-Free and Concise

It is very important to write a concise, yet complete summary. Never compromise on grammar and spelling mistakes. It will greatly decrease your chances of getting any job if you don’t stop making such mistakes. Keep it short and simple

  1. Keep Your Best Work In The Portfolio

A portfolio is not a place to keep everything that belongs to you. Don’t just fill your portfolio with low or medium-resolution images. Use high-quality images to show your work. It will make your profile look professional and attractive.

  1. Add Certifications if Any

Certificates show your interest as well as knowledge related to that field. Clients want to hire freelancers who are qualified and certified. Adding such items will increase your chances of being hired.

  1. Take Skills Tests

Skill tests are not free, they are paid. You have to invest some money to show your skills to potential clients. Try to get high percentage results, as your percentage is shown on your profile as well as when you apply for any job. Investing some money in these skill tests will come back to you after being multiplied in the shape of the projects.

  1. Positive Reviews

Each client or buyer will see your previous work experience with past clients. A high star rating in the past work greatly increases your chances of getting more projects. These ratings are shown on your profile. You should try to remain on a budget of more than 90%

    • Be on -time more than 90%
    • Keep the repeat hire rate as high as possible
    • Keep the completion rate of more than 75%
  1. Badges Show Experience

If you continue to go further, keep earning new badges at These badges show your hard work and dedication.

Best Bidding Tips on

This is the actual step of earning money on this platform. Great numbers of projects are posted on this website daily. They are from different categories, so there are chances for the freelancers of every field to work and earn. Search and find projects according to your skills and expertise. It can be done by visiting the jobs and contest page. You simply need to submit the entry in a contest. You will see projects that are suitable for you and are open to bidding.

You can see how many freelancers have already applied for that specific job or project and what are their rates. You can also see that the skill tests he has passed are also shown with every freelancer’s bid.

Bidding After Finding the Projects

There are so many categories on the jobs page. While bidding on a project, always try to write a solid reason why someone should consider you over so many other freelancers.

Working On The Project

This is where the actual expertise of a freelancer takes over. This is the work or task you are going to be paid for. Yes, it might be difficult and time-consuming, do it as well as possible. Clear everything with your buyer before starting your work on any project. Clear points like the scope of the project, milestones, and deadlines.

  • A signed agreement is also an option for greater safety. Each and everything must be clear to your client before going further. This is an exciting step for a freelancer, who remains cool, focused, and calm.
  • After being awarded a project, this is the time to show your client that you are the perfect candidate for him. Impress your client with your punctuality and consistency.
  • Communicate regularly with your clients to build relationships and trust. You can’t always remain logged into your laptop and reply to your client. I strongly recommend that you install the mobile app on your smartphone. It will become easy for you to reply and easily communicate with your client anywhere and anytime.

Earn Money With Excellent Feedback

After completing and delivering the assigned project to the buyer, you will be getting paid. You can withdraw money by using PayPal, Moneybookers, Wire transfer, etc. Your goal should be excellent feedback with a 5-star rating. Adding this to your portfolio will even increase your chances of getting more jobs.

That’s it!

I am hopeful that you will be working and earning money at very soon. There is no substitute for hard work. You need to work smart and hard to compete with the world. The freelancing world is so competitive. You just keep your calm and go step by step to achieve the goals.

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