How to Create Your Fiverr Seller Profile in 2020?

Seller Profile

Fiverr Seller Profile

Fiverr is an incredible online freelancing platform. It might not look easy to get started. However, it is quite easy to start freelancing and selling your services after setting up your Fiverr account successfully. In this article, I will show you the step by step process to set up your Fiverr account from scratch. So, let’s get started!

Setting up Your Seller Profile

1. Open the Fiverr Homepage

Just write URL “” in your browser, you will see something like this:

2.      Join Fiverr

If you visit this website for the first time or haven’t created a seller profile yet, you will need to join Fiverr. You can see the “Join” option in the top right corner of the Fiverr homepage. After clicking on the “Join” option, the screen will look like this one:

You have three options to sign up or join:

  • You can join by providing a valid email address. Please keep in mind that Fiverr will send a verification email to this address. So use the one to which you can log in easily.
  • You can join Fiverr using your Facebook account. In this way, Fiverr automatically gets the required information to complete the sign-up process.
  • You can also use your Google account to complete the joining process.

If you already have a seller profile on Fiverr, you can just click sign in and log in to your account by providing your username and password.

3.      Username and Password

For the next step, you need to choose a username of your choice. You can use any name you can remember. If you can’t remember, write it down somewhere to not face problems signing in. I would recommend that you write or use a username that shows your area of expertise itself. For example, if you are an article writer, you can use a username like “CreativeWriter”,

“professional writer” or something like that. I think you must have got an idea of what I mean by this. It shows your skills to the buyers in one look, and it also makes a good impression. If you forgot your password, you can always recover it with the help of your email. So there is no need to worry and use a strong password to keep the necessary security of your account.

4.      Activate Account

You now need to activate your account. After completing the above process, an email will be sent to you from Fiverr. Just open your email account and click on “Activate your account”.

You will be redirected to the Fiverr website, and the activation process will be completed. Now you are very much ready to get started on Fiverr.

What Services Do You Offer?

This is a very important portion of the tutorial. You have to spend some time exploring all the categories to find out the ones you are good at. You will see a wide range of services you can offer to the buyers.



These are the categories for you. Select the ones you are good at. Remember, you will receive feedback in the shape of reviews after project completion. Therefore, select the ones you can do and are good at.

  • Graphics and Design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Writing & Translation
  • Video & Animation
  • Music & Audio
  • Programming & Tech
  • Advertising
  • Fun & Lifestyle
  • Business
  • And many more!

Every main category has many sub-categories. Don’t forget to go through all of them so that you don’t miss anything you may be good at doing.

Choose the Best You Can Offer

After selecting your desired category, complete the following steps:

  • Select and write the tasks for each category, the tasks which you can offer.
  • I would highly recommend you to start with the one you are best at. Make a list and write your desired best service at the top. Just rank the remaining services you can offer in the order of your expertise.
  • Select the one you can do in the best way and start the journey.

First of all, you should know about yourself to get started. Suppose your English language skills are awesome. You have command over grammar, punctuation, and have a solid vocabulary. You can start your career as an article writer. Now you have decided to be an article writer and want to sell your services on Fiverr. You will need to create a nice gig that attracts buyers. In the end, your gig will look like the one given below:

Final Words

I decided to include an article writing gig to convey an idea and make your concepts clear. However, you can choose any service of your choice. The process of setting up your Fiverr account is identical for graphic designers as well as web developers. You need to update your seller profile and show your clients that you are a professional by adding your portfolios and the related gallery images or videos. I hope this will be helpful for you to get started on Fiverr and become your own boss!


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