How to Create the First Fiverr Gig?

Fiverr Gig

Fiverr Gig

After completing the profile, click on the “Continue & Create Your First Fiverr Gig” button at the bottom. It might be looking difficult for you to create your first gig. Remember one thing; everyone started their journey on Fiverr Gig from the first gig. Trust me, you will be creating awesome gigs very soon. Just follow these steps, and don’t forget to do what I am doing here as practice makes a man perfect.

Before starting to create your gig, I would recommend you to go through a few of the gigs of the sellers offering the same kinds of services. It will give you an idea of what and how to be included. You will also come to know what is not to be included. So, here we go!

Creating Your First Fiverr Gig – Step by Step Guide

You will be doing the following steps to make every gig in the future:

1. Gig Title, Category, and Tags

First of all, you will write the title of your service. The title should be written in such a way that it conveys a complete meaning of what you are selling. An article writer may write the gig title like this:

  • I will write SEO friendly and professional content for your website
  • I will write a unique 500-word article in 24 hours
  • I will write a business article of 500 words to boost your boniness


  • You don’t need to write “I will,” as it is already written in that box. You are required to write from the third word of the gig title. For example, you will write, “write a business article.” Punctuation and periods are not allowed in the gig’s There is not much space available for the title, so keep it short, simple, and comprehensive.
  • The next step is the selection of a category. Fiverr provides a wide range of categories and sub-categories. Select those that best suit your service. Go through them to get an idea of it all.
  • The last part of this step is the selection of search tags. The maximum number of search tags that can be selected is 5. I would recommend that you select all five tags. People will find you easily due to these tags, so try to select as specific as possible.

I hope you have got an idea of writing a gig title now. Once this is done, click on the green “Save” button.

2. Scope and Pricing

The minimum price you can charge for your service is $5. I recommend you start with a price of $5. Offer simple and short services at this price at the Basic package. You can increase the price and complexity of your work or services in the Standard and Premium packages. You can always increase your rate after getting higher ranks and start getting orders on Fiverr.

You can make a gig without utilizing the three packages option. You can go with only one package. I strongly recommend you utilize three packages in all your gigs. It will make your gig flexible for different kinds of buyers. Each buyer can check your packages and select the one that best suits his/her needs.

You can offer more services with the Standard and Premium packages, which can be charged more. Try to provide as much information related to your gig as possible upfront. It will make your gig more effective. After doing this, you can press the “Save & Continue” button to move to the next step.

There is another great way to earn more money from the buyers by offering quick service or any extra service. You can charge $5 or more to complete the work before time or provide any extra service that was not a requirement for the normal gig purchase. These are called Gig Extras. Try to include them in your gigs as much as possible to boost your income.

3. Write a Killer Description

This part of the gig needed special attention, and it needed to be very good. Your aim should be to write a description that inspires the buyers. If you succeeded in making an impression on the buyers, there is a great chance of being awarded. I recommend you to search the gigs of your field and see what others are presenting in the description. It never means that you just copy their writings. Just get an idea and come up with a unique description of your own.

The description is a very important step. Try to explain what each package of your Fiverr Gig carries for the buyers. Offer your services in a precise yet comprehensive way. A minimum of 120 characters and a maximum of 1200 characters are allowed in this box. This space needs to be used very wisely to take advantage of your packages and services.

4. Add Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

It is not needed to add FAQs. However, I would advise you to add a few questions and answers to assist the buyers. It becomes very easy for the buyers to get the answers to the questions in advance. Anything can be added to this portion. Just analyze the situation and think about what else can come into someone else’s mind. Try to clear those points by adding questions and answers. Commonly, you would be writing something like these:

  • Can you add images to the article?
  • What is the estimated time of completion?
  • How many words should be included in an article?

5. Add Your Requirements

You need some information from the buyers to get started and complete the project effectively within the deadline. These are asked to be fulfilled while placing an order by the buyers. These requirements depend upon the type of service you are offering. If you are going to take an order to set up a Facebook page for a client, you need to have a username and a password for his/her account.

Try to write all the requirements you will need to complete the project. Having such knowledge upfront will save you precious time, and you can start work immediately. Click “Save & Continue” after writing down your requirements.

6. Gallery Or Visual Work

The first thing buyers see is your gig title and the image. If your image is supporting your service type, it will make your gig stand out. Never use a low definition picture in this step. Your picture is going to make an impression on the buyers. Try to attract them as much as possible.

You can also check the other seller’s gallery pictures to get an idea. You can consider it as a portfolio. Photos, PDFs, and videos are the supported formats that can be used in this step. The maximum number of pictures that can be used is 3. The dimensions that can best be used are 550×370 pixels.

The gig title can also be included in the main picture of the gallery. Try to add as many file formats as possible. Try to use all the spaces available for whatever format you choose to showcase your work.  You can use more than one format as well. After completing this step, just click “Save & Continue”.

7. Publish Your Fiverr Gig

This is a very exciting step of a gig creation, as this is the first gig you created. Here’s the exciting step, publishing your first gig!!

CONGRATULATIONS!!  Your first Fiverr Gig just got published successfully!

The Bottom Line

There is no real need to promote your gig outside Fiverr. There are millions of buyers available on this fabulous platform. If you did everything as presented in this tutorial, you don’t need to work hard for promotions. After ranking your gig too high, you will be in the search results at the top level. Remember, your aim shouldn’t just be to complete the task assigned by the buyer. I highly recommend the newcomers to do the job with full dedication and in the best possible way. It will turn your first time client into a permanent one.


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