Most Common Online Scams & How to Avoid Scams (Part 2)

common online scams


Hi, we have already shown you the most common online scams and the ways to avoid them in the first part. This is part 2 of the same process. Here are some other common scams and also the best ways to tackle such situations:

1. Quickly Becoming a Rich Scam

There is no way to become rich overnight. If you face such wordings, just ignore them and walk away. This is nothing more than just a way to trap people.

You might be thinking, why not have a try?

The answer is quite simple. If that was the truth, we would never have seen anyone struggling and making efforts to earn something for his family. We would have never seen any hint of poverty.

common online scams

If there was such a legal way to make real money, no one would ever share it with anyone in the world. Can you think of making a large amount of money that quickly and magically? I am certainly not going to believe it.

You must have heard wordings or claims like these:

“No need to put any effort into making online money.”

“There is no need to know anything about internet marketing.”

“No need to know anything to make money online.”

“No need to work!”

If you face such claims, just don’t trust or believe and take your way!

If you want to see some live examples, just see the figure below. They are claiming that you can earn $400 without doing anything. Isn’t it sounds a scam? Guaranteed!

common online scams

A real business or program must have a solid scheme, a perfect strategy, and a great plan. There are more chances of being trapped if you are desperate, frustrated, or stressed. If you are looking to find a way to earn money, you might not think of or research before going further into the ocean.

Here, the Rule of Thumb is:

“Don’t let your emotions overcome your thinking process or intelligence. Check the offers, advertisements, or Emails with great care and think enough before making any decision. Research very deeply, and don’t let the scam artists get on top of you.”

2. Incomplete Information

Legal companies or products will not hide anything from the people. They will show how it can be used to address the needs of customers or users. They don’t even hesitate to invest a great amount of money to be aware of the people about the benefits of their product. If a company or product is lacking the necessary information, there is a strong chance that it is a scam. Companies without contact information or details can’t be assumed legitimate, in any way.

As an example, if we look at a website named Rich Jerk. It is among the biggest scams the world is facing on the internet. They say nothing about affiliate marketing and how they can help you to be a successful marketer. They just show you pictures of girls and expensive cars for attraction.

common online scams

Guaranteed Payouts is another website, and they have no contact information on their main page. They are attracting and trapping the people with the help of a video—a video in which they claim earning money without any effort or work.

common online scams

3. No Free Trial, A Scam!

This is the most used tactic. Scammers never provide a free trial of their product or service. On the other hand, a legal company would always try to provide a free trial of its product. They know it creates trust and increases sales once a buyer is fully satisfied after a limited free trial. For example, you can see that the website provides a free trial of paid memberships. If you are happy after the free trial, you can purchase the membership. Otherwise, you will not be charged or compelled to spend money.

common online scams

You will have to sign up and pay for the initial start-up fee to access any product information. Some companies require you to pay an upfront fee to sell their products. Some companies have a variety of products that you can promote on your site, but with the condition that you will have to purchase the product that you are going to promote.

4. No Disclaimer or Privacy Policy

Everyone wants their information to be protected and in safe hands. It creates a feeling of satisfaction when a website is promising to protect your valuable information with its strong privacy policy. Legal and trusted websites provide privacy to their customers or visitors. They never compromise on this security and policy.

common online scams

Normally, the scammers don’t write and put this privacy protection on their main page. You know why?

It becomes a responsibility of that website if they put a privacy policy on their website. Anyone whose data is shared with some other party can take steps to bring it to court. For example, there is no privacy policy of a website named Jobrize. It readily shows that this is not a legal website.

common online scams

5. No or Poor Response

Checking out the support of any website is very important before deciding to make any decision. If they reply quickly, it will show their professionalism and reality. Even if a website is offering excellent products, they still need to respond quickly to show their legal entity. It should also be checked if the support is real or not.

common online scams

If you find their contact details, you can check with their support team by sending an email to their address. It can also be checked by calling on their phone number. This is one of the best methods to find out the reality of any company or website. If they don’t bother responding to you within 2 days, just leave them and go ahead. If they respond quickly and their answers are professional, you can proceed and do thorough research on the company.


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