Most Common Online Scams & How to Avoid Scams (Part 3)



Hi, we have already shown you the most common online scams and the ways to avoid them in the first 2 parts. This is part 3 of the same process. Here are some other common scams and also the best ways to tackle such situations:

1. False Ways to Attract People

Sometimes, websites or companies use special wordings to attract more and more people around the world. You must have seen the wordings on the internet like

“Only 10 pieces left, Buy now!”

“Only 25 minutes left. Buy now!”

If they are making money from them, I don’t know why they want to limit their pieces and timings. Have you ever thought about why they do this? Certainly, they just want to push you to go and make a purchase quickly.

Here I will show you an example of Elite Level Targeted Traffic. When you visit their home page, you will be asked to buy their product with only 30 minutes remaining. After that, the price will increase as usual. At this time, there is a point to be noted. The counter is continuing to count while they are writing this offer. You can see this very clearly in the picture below:

common online scams

2. Launching a New Product Formula

There are websites and platforms where you see that new products are launched almost on a daily basis. You have to be careful while facing such new products. This is another way scammers use to trap people. Fake and unrealistic claims are made by those scammers, showing that they made so many people rich with this new system. Do you know what happens next?

Mainly in-experienced people are scammed this way. They just could not control their emotions and buy that product. Soon after the transaction, the scammers disappear.

I want to share a related example here. You might have heard of the name “Super Affiliate Academy.” Chunk and Andy were the owners. They used to sell products, mainly pre-launched ones. They just disappeared somewhere. Hence, the rule of thumb is

“Control your emotions and don’t decide without thinking.”

common online scams

3. Marketing Gurus

This world is a mix of vital and cheap people. You will find a few products that deserve to be bought. A few great people are guiding people and creating awareness. Yes, they take their fees or money for this, but they provide what is promised. Those real gurus teach you the real ways to earn money and improve your living standard. Their coaching is worth much more money than what they charge. International and real brands hire these great people to lift their brand and company to the next level.

Now come to the other side of this picture. There are so many self-made gurus around the world. They charge money just for sharing false stories and call them tips to become rich. So, many free resources on the web. You can get access to real and working tips on how to make online money without investment.

common online scams

I advise all the readers to take some time searching on GOOGLE. You can find everything there. Yes, it can be good, bad, or even worse. At least you get some idea of the matter you searched for. No need to trust any guru without having it confirmed by some legal source. Good or real gurus don’t need to attract people to follow them. Just keep this in mind. I am sure you must have got the idea of what I am trying to convey.

4. Investment Bringing High Output

You must have seen that investment companies always say that your investment will be very safe here. Don’t trust their claim straight away. You need to be vigilant before making any choice or decision. These companies or websites just make claims like “Guaranteed return” and “Risk-free investment.”

common online scams

These companies don’t provide clear information. They don’t show how they can use your investment to make that much greater return. If you go deep and try to find out their information, you will become confused. Why did they hide all the information from the investors? This question alerts any sensible person.

5. Have you listened to the Ponzi scheme?

Scammers claim that they have great tips, tricks, and formulas to bring the result quickly and safely. They don’t have any formula; what they use is called a Ponzi scheme. These companies train new recruiters to earn extra money. This kind of scam runs this scheme. After joining, you are asked to bring more people or investors under you. Then those new investors are required to bring even more investors under them. They do this to get more and more money from the investors. This scheme requires you to bring in new investors to increase the money in the system.

common online scams

The old investors are paid with the money invested by the new ones. It will continue to happen until the worst conditions arise. When the outgoing money exceeds the incoming money by new investors, the system collapses. You can say that new investors are always needed to run the system, and it is not very easy to convince and bring new people to invest in that kind of unsecured scheme.

Yes, the pioneers are the people who make great money by this scheme, but it does not mean that it is legal. I don’t recommend investing in such schemes. I don’t like them personally. You have to convince and bring people under you. In other words, you are asking people to invest, just to take their money as a payment. If you don’t have convincing power, you will just end up losing all the invested money. Even if you succeeded in bringing new investors, you are stealing the money from new and innocent investors. Then you ask those new investors to steal money from the other ones.


The internet market is full of scams. The reason is that people want to earn money. They want to do it without hard work and making real efforts. Why are the scammers increasing day by day?

The reason is that if someone is scammed somehow, he has just lost all the money now. At that time, that person becomes scammer himself to get money from inexperienced and innocent people. Yes, it is the mistake of the people who trust an unknown person without confirming his identity. Scammers don’t come in any specific manner. They can come in any form or way.

common online scams

This is the perfect checklist to follow to stay safe and protected from scams. Just remain calm and hold your emotions. Always think several times before deciding on anything. I am hopeful that this checklist will help many people around the world. If you follow my instructions, you can never be scammed. Of course, you can earn money online in safe and legal ways.


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