Most Common Online Scams & How to Avoid Scams (Part 1)

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Everyone has a desire to earn some extra or side income online. However, the awareness of the common online scams is very important. What would happen when you are not paid despite making real efforts? It will bring your morale down. People make mistakes, especially at the initial level. They have no idea what to do and what to avoid. Few scammers use the newcomers for their interests.

common online scams

Yes, there are many legal and trusted ways to earn handsome money. So, it is very important to have a good knowledge of our online environment. You should know about common online scams. How do you know what is real and what is just a scam? I will tell you everything. Let’s get started!

Dos and Donts to Avoid Scams

Now, we will go through the Dos and Donts to avoid scams.


The first step is to know about the scam. You should be alert when asked to provide personal information i.e., the security number of your social account, account information, etc. Always keep in mind that legal websites will never ask you to provide such information. They have nothing to do with this.

common online scams

Yes, it is legal to provide your email address as well as a Paypal address. They need this information to make sure you are a person with a legal identity. It sounds legal as trusted websites do have a good security policy, so never mind providing such a little bit of information.


It would be best if you always keep in mind that it is never a good option to pay money while signing up for any freelancing platform. Most popular and real web platforms never ask for money at the time of sign up. You can always check out the best freelance websites like Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, or PeoplePerHour. These make their money in the shape of the fee when you complete the project or task. As you can see in the figure below, when you send a proposal of $200, you will get $160, and the rest of $40 is what PeoplePerHour is taking as a fee.

common online scams

Yes, you have to pay to get more features and premium memberships, but it is not necessary to pay at the initial level. You can earn handsome money with a free account if you have skills, guidance, and the right direction. So the rule of thumb is

“Never pay a penny at any website upfront.”


Never go any further if something is offered that looks unrealistic. Try to stay away from the people or the companies that claim to make you rich overnight. It is impossible to make $1000 in a day or two. It is also a good idea to share the common online scam experience with friends on social media to create awareness and help each other.

common online scams


You can’t trust a person or company even after watching their income of payment proofs. Some payment proofs are genuine. Some companies are legal and show their payment proofs too. Now the problem is that you would never know if these proofs are legal or not. You can only confirm this after you or any of your trusted friends try them.

common online scams

If we do some research, we will find that 1 out of 60 online earning websites are real and legal. Technologies have evolved so much, and it is very easy to make a payment proof in Photoshop. Success stories and fake bank statements are edited in Photoshop and innocent or in-experienced people are trapped very easily.

Some scammers are not easy to be detected. They invest some money in making such websites that look exactly like a real PayPal account. They do this to show the people fake statements of their webinars. This is another trick they use to create trust in the hearts of the new freelancers. These scammers are happy to invest, to make these websites look professional. They invest their money and time while keeping an eye on the other’s money.


Affiliate marketing programs should be handled very carefully. At the time of signing up, be very carefully related to the products they have. In these programs, upsells are very common. I am sharing an example here to make your mind clear about this kind of scam.

There is an affiliate marketing company. After signing up and buying their product for around $5, they will ask you to buy more products related to that. They will try to convince you to buy other such products to make the first bought product effective.

This is a special way to trap people and convince them somehow to buy the rest of the products, to make the whole product’s package effective. In this way, they compel people to buy more to use the earlier product in a useful way.

These companies also trap in-experienced buyers showing their promotional packages and periods. They are just compelled to buy their more products, asking you to save the money as the normal price of those products is much more than what they are offering at that moment. If the products are legal, you are given a chance to try them for free. If you are happy with them, you are asked to purchase them. This is the safest way to deal with this scam.

Hence, the Rule of Thumb is:

“Don’t pay for those things you don’t know. If you don’t have legal information about the products you want to buy, just avoid buying those items and avoid such common online scams”.


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