5 Tips to Create Best Fiverr Profile

Fiverr Profile

Fiverr Profile – Introduction

After selecting the services you want to sell, this is the time to set up a profile. Follow the steps below to create a good and engaging Fiverr Profile. Always keep in mind; an engaging profile brings better results than an ordinarily written profile. When you open the Fiverr dashboard, you will see a button “Start Selling”, in the top right corner. Click on that button, and after that, click on the green button “Become a Seller”.

Profile Filling Out Process

The first impression is very important. Buyers having a good experience will not take much time to determine your expertise and potential. To effectively complete your profile, just understand and implement the steps given below:

1. Display Your Skills

It is essential to show your merits to buyers via your Fiverr Profile. Try to answer why you are the best choice for them? Whether you are a graphic designer, programmer, writer, or anything else, you need to convince the buyers through your profile.

If you are an article writer, you must have creative and excellent writing skills. Your English language expertise needs to be at the top level. Your description must be grammatically perfect. A writer has to make an impression through a well-written description. If you are a designer, the first thing to consider is your profile picture. Make an impression by making your profile as interesting as possible.

2. Link To Other Social Media Accounts

If your social media accounts are linked or connected to your Fiverr profile, it will show your identity. This linking helps the buyer to verify your social existence. Connected social media accounts show that you are a social person, which is always crucial for every freelancer.

3. Add Education

Education or official degrees show your worth and seriousness in the subject. You should include it to make you stand out, even if it is not directly related. Your degrees or education show that you are an educated person, and every client would like to interact and get their job done by an educated and professional freelancer.

4. Add Certifications

After entering your education, you should enter the specific awards or any certificate you obtained. It will increase your chances of getting hired as the buyer will see that the seller is not only educated but also certified. Certifications show your expertise and skills related to that field. No need to hide anything, show whatever you have got. An SEO expert with SEO certifications shows that he/she is an educated and professionally certified Search Engine Optimization expert.

5. Add Your Portfolios

This is a very important portion of your profile. It shows the practical achievements you have made during your career. Choose and include your best work here. You can even link to a website if you want to show any available skills that are available online. Never ignore this portion as most buyers only look at your portfolios to decide whether you are a good fit for their project or not. So, spend enough time to make it look attractive and show your achievements in this portion.

Some Additional Tips

  • Use a Clear and Real Profile Picture

Your profile pictures mean so much. People like to see the faces of those with whom they are having a conversation. The first thing buyers will see is the profile picture. It should look professional. Having a nice smile on your face will be a great bonus. You can wear any clothing that doesn’t go against your profession or expertise.

A great profile picture will certainly make your profile more professional and engaging. Buyers will feel comfortable talking to you as you are showing yourself as the real person behind that profile.

  • Intelligent Use of Description

It is very important to write an accurate description. There is not much space to write a long story in this box. You need to provide a brief overview of your expertise and top skills. You should also add experience if applicable.

Take a start by writing something about yourself. Tell the buyers what you do and how? A professionally-written description is critical to make your profile stand out in the crowd. Think of your Fiverr profile as a chance to make a striking impression on the buyers and grow your sales.

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